Jobs in Finland

Do you want to have the best summer job in Finland?

Soundcare AB is a Swedish company that sells premium earplugs designed for music festivals and venues around Scandinavia.

We are currently expanding in Finland and are looking for happy and nice people who loves to go to festivals, meet people for Finland’s most enjoyable summer job – Event Sales on Soundcare. As a seller with us, you are part of a large and nice team, and sell our products exclusively inside at festivals and venues. If you have previous experience in sales and / or teamwork as well as an interest in music, it is a big plus, but certainly not a requirement! The most important thing is how you are as a person – cheerful, easy-going and pleasant just like us!

We are currently looking for sellers in the following events:

  • 22-23 July – Tikkurilla Festivaali – Vaanda

Welcome with your application to (Finnish / Swedish is ok)

You do not need to make a long application, just write a few notes about yourself and if you’ve had any other jobs! If you have a photo of yourself, feel free to attach that too.

You must be over or to fill at least 16 years during the year. We will respond as soon as we can, and first come first served at the event with few places left!

  • As we are receiving a lot of e-mails and applications we can not guarantee a reply. It is very important that you write ”Job Application: #Name of the festival you’re applying for” in the subject of the e-mail so we can sort through them! For example: ”Job Application: Provinssirock”


Soundcare are represented on all big festivals and arenas through Sweden and Norway, for example Bråvalla, Getaway Rock Festival, Findings festival, Bergenfest to name a few.